Press magazine

We are on the front cover of Dwell Magazine September 2014 issue: Small Spaces Big Design. An amazing article by Luke Tebbutt about our design which also describes the collaboration process with our client and building partners behind this remarkable and enjoyable project.
Photos by Joakim Blockstrom

Assemble Papers, Australia

an interview with silvia ullmayer on what housing should be and potential of selfbuild. text and images by henrietta zeffert
london/australia 2013

Spacecraft 2

More Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts
Gestalten, Edited by Robert Klanten + Luka Feireiss
Germany 2008

Who will build the London of the Future?

Rowan Moore
Evening Standard August 2009

Who will build... (1.15 MB)

C3 Wits in the recession

C3 publication, Editor Yumi Hyun
Korea July 2009,


‘Singular achievements: share alike’,
barrie evans, architects journal, 26. august 2004

Buch zum Deutschen Innenarchitekturpreis

to be published in autumn 2009


‘An eames pavilion in the back garden’ elaine knutt, icon, november 2005

Guardian Weekend

‘Reflections of you’, caroline roux, the guardian weekend, 9 april 2005

'reflections on you'

Pen Magazine, Japan

Pen magazine, coming up in 2006

The Independent

‘The garden of minimalist delights’, jay merrick, the independent, 18 may 2005

Independent 18.05.2005 full article

Build It

‘People in glass houses’, gaia vince, build it magazine, march 2006

Selfbuild + Design

‘Circle of friends’ selfbuild+design, january 2005


‘Filling the gap, riba manser medal short-list’, planahome, 2004

Grand Designs

‘The best of three’ birna helgadottir, grand designs magazine, december 2004


‘Grow your home’ wallpaper*, december 2004


Guardian Weekend

‘Cheap thrills’ caroline roux, the guardian weekend, 20. December 2003

'cheap thrills'

Sydney Morning Herald

‘Great Australian dreams’, sydney morning herald, 26 May 2005

The Sunday Times

‘Stirling effort?’ hugh pearman, the sunday times, 4 July 2004


‘Bauwelt preis 2005’, bauwelt january 2005


Small Space Living

Small Space Living Book, Terence Conran, coming out in 2006/07

21st Century House

21st century house, new urban sites, jonathan bell, laurence king publishing 2006

Urban Housing

'Urban Housing' Lawrence King Publishing, coming out in 2006

Micro Architecture

'Micro architecture' ruth slavid, lawrence king publishing, coming out in 2006/07

Building Design

Culture vulture, 2006
Summerhouse, graham bizley, 2005
Designing out apathy, 2005
Lighthouses..., ellis woodman, 2003

bd in detail 23 24 sepember 05 culture vulture 17 february 2006 designing out apathy 29 april 2005